Setting Up to Image 35mm Slides

The basic slide shape is a 2:3 aspect ratio. Our preferred dimensioning is 7.33 x 11 inches, this also conveniently fits on a standard letter page when proofing.  The file should have a resolution of not less than 150ppi, and not more than 372ppi.  A good working size is 300ppi.  The image must be 8 bits per channel and RGB, also known as 24 bit colour.  A bitmap (single image) file larger than 32MB, is larger than required and may be subject to handling charges.


Power Point files should be setup for 35mm Slides (7.5x11.25) - see "Page Setup".  Be sure to provide any fonts used that did not come with Power Point.  It is also possible to save or embed the fonts when saving a presentation.  If you encounter a message about copyright restrictions then you have a font that didn't come with the software.  You will have to manually copy these font files and send them with the presentation.


Download recommended setup for Photoshop etal.pdf.

Download setup notes of special interest to users of page layout programs and Macintosh equipment. -  MAC software.pdf.


Setting Up Cinema Slides (Letter Box)

The theatre or theatre chain where the slide is to be shown should be able to provide this information.  Some theatres use standard shaped 35mm images (2:3), and other uses a 35mm slide with an image of 9:16 proportions.  You may use our generic settings.


Download recommended setup for Cinema Slides.pdf.


Colour Space

The recommended colour space is Adobe 1998, also known as SMPTE 240M


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